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The first two weekends of June have been quite active and exciting for us as a  family. Although we have been cheering for daddy for a while now as he does his  elite Spartan Races, these past two weekends were all about my daughter and me.  On May 31st I became a Spartan  as I completed my first Spartan Race with my  hunny by my side and our daughter watching  from the sidelines.  She was so  excited to see her parents getting muddy, climbing over walls  and crawling under  barbwire among other things.  It was so much fun! I completed 4.5 miles  of hilly t  trails with over 25 obstacles along the way.  Of course, I fumbled on a couple and  had  to pay the penalty of 30 burpees, woo hoo! What’s a Spartan Race without  some burpees?!  Hahaha.  The event as a whole is so full of energy; everyone is  laughing and motivating one  another or helping each other throughout the race, whether it is a hands-on push through an obstacle or simply some words of encouragement to complete the course, it is there for you.  It was definitely a great feeling to know I had my other half there with me helping me through  any obstacle I couldn’t do on my own.   However, the best feeling wasn’t just completing the  race with my love and jumping over the fire holding hands, but the smile on our daughter’s  face as she saw us run the course and waited for us at the finish line.  Seeing her parents doing  something together and having fun, while being active and pushing their limits, it’s an image we wanted imprinted in her mind and I think we conquered.

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The following weekend, on June 8, it was all about our little Spartan, Kiara.  I got her all Spartan geared up and told her she would be running with daddy.  I asked her “Do you want to go running with daddy?” and she replied “Yea, Kiki run with daddy!”  – So we headed to Tuxedo, NY and Kiara was ready to earn her medal.  Needless to say she was the smallest and youngest (at 2 years old) Spartan, but she was all for it. No hesitation, no fear.

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She did her stretches with daddy and all of the other little Spartans before the race and got ready to take on her first .5 mile obstacle course.  She walked through muddy waters, climbed walls, rolled under walls, ran up and downs the hills, crawled under “barbed” wire and more. The best moment was receiving her medal, she was so proud!  She had a blast doing the course and on top of that she was rewarded; she truly loved it.  She kept saying, “look mommy, look daddy, Spartan” as she showed us her medal.  She continued to show her medal to everyone throughout the day, she was so so proud of herself.  It was such a fantastic feeling to see her so happy.  We want her to grow up knowing she can conquer anything she puts her mind to and I believe we are on the right path.  These types of events are a great way to instill such habits!  We are so very proud of our little Spartan.

This weekend we became a Spartan Family!

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**If you are a parent interested in running a Spartan Race or having your child run it – My hubby is a Spartan Group X Coach and his training programs get you ready for any race.  You can get more info here: www.AragonFitness.com

Written by: Karintia De Jesus