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Why every child should have a ZooMoos this summer! – Karintia 

When we received our package with our very own ZooMoos, Kiara immediately snatched it from my hand and ran with it as she said “mine, mine.” She has not let go of her Sparkle ZooMoos ever since.

What we love most about the ZooMoos is that they are super cute, insulated sippy cup holders that look like a toy and my little one loves to carry it around. I definitely think every parent should get their child one of these.  The holder is designed to keep your child’s beverage nice and cold. It can also keep milk from spoiling by keeping it fresh!  ZooMoos come in various, fun designs your child will love. Go check out www.ZooMoos.com and let us know how you like it.   My daughter’s favorite is Sparkle – the cutest little unicorn ever!  The ZooMoos holder comes ready with its own BPA-free and phthalate free sippy cup, which is very convenient and safe. Its useful design allows you to fit in most sippy cups, bottles or cans. How perfect is that!?

Diana Dinges is the mom-preneur behind this fabulous invention. Her ingenious idea is sure to make every mom or dad grateful, particularly on a hot summer day.  Dinges is a mother of two and always found herself having to use her college coozies in order to keep her children’s drinks cool. This inevitably led her to the idea and development of ZooMoos as there was nothing out in the market like this for children.


ZooMoos are suitable for children 6 months and up; they are easy to hold, machine washable and are made of neoprene.  Their durable material is meant for a long-lasting experience. Kiara has already taken her ZooMoos to the park, on our jogs and to restaurants. It is also very easy to spot thankfully, with their beautiful bright colors. No more forgetting her sippy cups (it’s happened a few times in the past before we got our ZooMoos).

20140711-103127-37887464.jpg 20140710-103435-38075207.jpg 20140711-103128-37888384.jpg

If you are working on introducing sippy cups to your little one, using a ZooMoos is actually a fun way to start. Also, if your child is going to school or daycare, this is by far the best way for him/her to keep their drink cool throughout the day and to identify their own sippy cup or bottle if thrown into mix.

We are absolutely delighted and in love with our ZooMoos!! We highly recommend it!!!

ZooMoos are currently featured on Zulily for a discounted price of $12.99 (retails for $19.99) www.zoomoos.com. Hurry on and get yours! This summer is super hot!!!


An Honest Child – Karintia

The Honest Company

Honestly, The Honest Company has to be one of the best, if not the best, children related, natural, eco-friendly product based companies to hit the market.  We are all well aware of the vast amounts of chemicals that now make part of probably every product we use for our children, including foods, cleaning products, body essentials, etc.  The best way to provide our children with the least amounts of chemically filled products is by either by making our own cleaning product concoctions at home or making them food from scratch.

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As a breastfeeding mom, I managed to stay away from giving my daughter regular milk for almost two years and used formula on rare occasions.  As soon as she started eating I would stay away from already made baby foods as much as possible and make her my own with the baby bullet (add amazon link), which was a lifesaver.  Needless to say, I have been working hard towards staying away from most chemically infused products since she was born.  However, chemicals are not just in our foods, but around the house too and every cleaning product we use.

I have been hearing about The Honest Company for a while now and had been meaning to try out some of their products on my daughter and see how they completed her.  As well as try out their cleaning and bath and body products (haven’t gotten to that yet).  The products are non-toxic, eco-friendly and as gentle for the child as it should always be.


I finally got around to ordering my trial pack which I recently received and started using. I ordered the diaper and wipes bundle and essentials bundle.  Let me just say, I absolutely love every product! The body wash/shampoo is gentle, non-toxic, tear-free and plant-based cleanser.  I have been using it in every bath and hair wash.  It leaves her body nice and soft and her hair clean and shiny.  You don’t even need to use that much as it makes the perfect lather with just a couple of drops on the washcloth and a couple of drops on the hair. I need to try it on my hair and body as it is good for the entire family.


The multi-surface cleaner is plant-based, biodegradable and non-toxic. I love to use all over her high-chair, glass coffee table and training potty.  It has been absolutely amazing because I can now put her snacks on the tray with no worries because I know what I cleaned it with.

Last, but not least, the diapers and wipes, they are fantastic! Not only are the diapers super cute with different eco-friendly design prints for your taste and style, but they are super absorbent, soft, don’t deteriorate and are comfortable.  The wipes are just amazing. They are biodegradable, hypoallergenic, chlorine-free and thick cloth based.  You only need one wipe and you are done!

In her two years, I have tried several diaper and wipes brands and have had some major disasters; with some diapers deteriorating, giving her rashes or not absorbing properly and causing leakage. I have tried them during the day to see how easily she can move around as well as at night to see if she can go through the night comfortably with minimal to no change and both ways have been a success for sure.  These are by far my favorite diapers; from the cute prints I can match her outfits to, to the absorbency and comfort level and I love that they are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to the day where she no longer needs diapers, but for now, she is definitely an “Honest girl.”


But their amazing products, don’t stop here.  The Honest Company has thought of everything. They have a baby section with diapers, wipes, healing balm, etc.  They also have the bath and body section which carries all bath and body essentials for the entire family. They have all household cleaning supplies, such as dishwasher, glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner, all purpose cleaner, laundry detergent and more.  Under their Health and Wellness section you will find multi-vitamins, prenatal vitamin, children’s vitamins and such.  Under their Collectives section they have essentials baby items such as carriers, diaper bag, stroller, etc. This company is just fantastic.

I absolutely reccomend giving The Honest Company a try. I am sure you won’t be dissapointed.  Not only are you providing your family with great natural, non-toxic, hypoallergenic products, but you are also contributing to the wellness of our planet by using their also biodegradable and eco-friendly products.

FiLIP – Belmax

The Filip watch has been a life saver for me, regarding my peace of mind. I got my son, Jaxson, Filip a couple of months ago when he began his new school. The Filip watch locator was invented by a father who lost his three year old son for 30 minutes at a shopping mall. After going through the agony of finding his toddler in what I imagined was a crowded, large mall, the father realized something needed to be invented to give parents peace of mind if they are to ever let their eyes off their children for just a few seconds.  He also wanted the device to give children the playing freedom they desire. If you are a parent you know how stressful it can be not knowing where your child is at any given moment.filip1

My Jaxson is hearing impaired due to unnecessary intervention and over-dosage by the medical doctors and staff of an antibiotic called Gentimicin when he was a newborn. That is a whole other article in its own and perhaps I will share that story in detail at a later date. Jaxson goes to a private school now.  It is an out of district pre-school for children that are deaf or hard of hearing. Honestly, they should just say “hard of hearing” in my opinion because the children either have regular hearing aids or have cochlear implants, hence they are all able to hear and this particular school is an oral/auditory school which I love.

To stay on topic, I just really want to express how helpful and useful Filip has been for me as Jaxson needs to travel far on the school bus to get to his new school and then gets dropped off at the after school program at the regular elementary school in town until I am able to pick him up after work.  He has a very long day with new drivers from time to time and obviously that can be very stressful to me.

The Filip watch is a smart locator and it is actually a phone at the same time but I mainly use it for its GPS purposes in order to locate Jaxson at any time. However, the watch has settings you can tailor to your liking. For instance, I have the watch set to text me as soon as Jaxson arrives at school, leaves school, arrives at the after school program, and leaves the after school program as sometimes his father may pick him up.  It is awesome!

Jax2 Jax1

I also have 5 emergency phone numbers programmed on his phone which are the only numbers that can call him and he can call. Yes, he can talk right through the watch. I am also able to send text messages to the phone. Perhaps when he is a little older and already able to read and write I’ll send him sweet reminders of how much I love him. If you’d like to know more details about the watch/phone you can go on their direct website at http://www.myfilip.com  Or go to the ATT&T website as it is currently sold through AT&T stores and services.


Just an added bonus story regarding Filip; Jaxson was picked up by yet another new driver on this particular morning, which was just very recently, perhaps only about a week ago. Anyway, he gets picked up and it was the driver’s first time doing this route and the aide on the bus was also new. I was a little nervous but trusted that they would get my son there safely and on time.

I get a text message from his teacher at almost 9 a.m. Jaxson usually arrives by 8:45 a.m. at the latest and when I got that text message from the teacher I panicked a little. I immediately used the GPS locator on my phone and it showed me their exact location which was right around the corner of the school. I assumed they may have just taken a wrong turn which caused them to be a few minutes late. As I’m in the middle of reaching out to the bus company to call the driver to find out where they are, I get my text notification from Filip informing me that they had just entered the school; before the person from the bus company whom I was on the phone with could come back on the line to assure me of the same information I had just received. It felt good to know that I am also on top of my child’s whereabouts and that at any given moment I can get an exact location and drive out there to find him if I need to. Again, it just gives me peace of mind and that’s a great feeling!


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