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11745776_10155768223190562_4141261319407829661_nI’m Karintia De Jesus-Aragon (Kari), creator of the “Because We Are Moms” blog.  I am a mother of a curious, intelligent, and vibrant almost 5 year old. After 21 hours of excruciating labor pains I can honestly say she was worth every minute.  Just seeing her beautiful face brings so much joy to my life.  Throughout my pregnancy I opted for a midwife instead of a doctor.  I believe the process of pregnancy and birthing should be one that is as natural as possible; I am so glad I went that route.  My midwife was amazing and kept me calm throughout the pregnancy and labor experience.  I was really going for a complete natural birthing process, without medication, but unfortunately after 14 hours I was still not dilating enough and my contractions were too extreme for my body to handle.  I ended up getting an epidural and some pitocin and after another 7 hours I was finally ready to bring my baby girl into this world.  It was the best day of my life.  My little stubborn Taurus was finally here.

It has been a great journey thus far; seeing her smile for the first time, roll for the first time, take her first steps, say her first words and soon to be Kindergartner.  Each moment has been so precious and we are so looking forward to all the ones ahead.  I can truly say I am blessed in many ways, not only with a beautiful, healthy, amazing daughter, but also with an amazing husband who is just the best father to our daughter.  She is a total “Daddy’s Girl”.

As a first time mom, I definitely have a lot to learn, but also a lot to share with you all.  I am so excited and looking forward to sharing so much with you.  I hope you like our blog and share it with others as well!



Hello! My name is Belmax. Yes! B-E-L-M-A-X. It stands for maximum beauty. Honestly,I think it really does, although I doubt my parents were thinking that when they named me or maybe subconsciously they were. I will need to inquire with them but as far as I’m concerned the name is a combination of my father’s name “Maximo” and my mother’s nickname (which is actually a pretty common Hispanic name) “Belkis”. There you have it, and that is just my name for starters. I am very pleased to meet you!

As you can tell this is a “mommy” blog and I am delighted to be a part of it. I am the single mother (hopefully not single for too much longer) of an amazing, beautiful, energetic, super intelligent almost five years old boy, named Jaxson Blue. Isn’t his name just awesome!? I believe he will be famous one day. With that name, how can one not be? Yes, I’ll be famous too someday. Just watch, in due time, in a great way, and for great purpose.

My greatest goal by becoming part of this website is to be of great service to you all in the most positive way possible, whether it be for sheer entertainment, a much needed laugh or perhaps even life saving information.

I’ve been through quite a ride at just the tender age of 31 and I hope to share my experiences and lessons with you as a person, daughter, sister, friend, but most importantly as a Mother. I am also looking forward to learning even more from all of you and from this adventure in general. Cheers to connecting, sharing, and loving!


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