About Us

Thank you so much for stopping by our blog! I hope you find interesting, important and exciting information here.  “Because We Are Moms,” is a blog dedicated to everyone, specifically mothers. Since becoming mommies, we’ve all had to become innovative and inventive in our skills in order to take care of our children; but most importantly we’ve learned or are learning how to juggle taking care of our child/children while also perhaps taking care of our significant others, household duties and ourselves. Yup! Being a mommy is the toughest job on Earth but also, I think most would agree, the most rewarding.

I decided to launch this blog because I would like to document and share my journey and experiences with you as a mother. As mothers, we may often tend to follow our intuition as guidance in raising our children, but we also tend more often than not, ask other moms for advice when we are not too sure of what to do in a particular situation involving our child.  My utmost intention for this site is to provide you all with different perspectives when dealing with certain issues or experiences in raising your child. I also would like for it to be a space of sharing your joys and any uplifting information that can benefit us all. Additionally, I look forward to providing you with innovative ways to make the “mommy life” more fun with tips on girl’s night out, fashion, party ideas, making extra income as a stay-at-home mommy and more.

I asked my sister to join me in this journey of bringing other moms information that may be helpful to them. Whether you are a first time mom and are wondering about how long to breast feed your newborn or a seasoned mom looking for a fun way to spend your “girl’s night out” we are ready to bring you that information and beyond.

In this blog you will find posts related to first time moms, doctor visits, education, religion, spirituality, exercise, discounts on items for children and parents, etc.


*** All posts are for information/entertainment purposes only and may be solely based on the opinions of the writers.  Any information obtained from the posts is to be used at your own discretion. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the blog!

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