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Something Sweet For Your Next Party

We love candy buffets. They are fun, pretty, easy, and everyone enjoys a mini-walk through the candy store! You are probably thinking, easy? They don’t look easy! But, you would be surprised at how easy and fast you can put together a fantastic candy buffet. One reason they are so easy is because, virtually, anything goes. There are basics, but a candy buffet is the product of the designer. There is no wrong way to put one together.  We will give you a few tips to get you started.


You can spend days in the kitchen making your own candy, but that is expensive and hard work. You are better off to use a quality online bulk candy supplier. The candy is delivered where and when you want it. It is pretty, and it is cost effective. Your candy supplier can help you mix and match your colors and even offer basic candy buffet supplies. Bulk candy usually comes in 5-pound bags. The general rule of thumb is that you will need 8-ounces of candy per guest. If you are serving other foods this may be adjusted.

Theme and colors

Choose your theme. It is to tie in with the event and any special colors associated with it. For example, if the theme is a super bowl party, choose the colors of your team pick. You want two or three colors unless you are going for a blow-out rainbow effect. In that case, stick with primary colors or pastels but do not mix them. The theme is your party type, wedding, baby shower, or birthday party.

Types of containers

Candy looks better in clear containers. However, that is not written in stone. You could opt to use low dishes like platters so the candy is displayed flat. But the easiest and most appealing is vases or jars of clear glass or plastic.

Tips For Your DIY Candy Buffet

  • Use taller containers in the back. Different size vases and jars to create height and depth to the candy buffet. Boxes placed under the jars to make them taller.
  • Estimate eight ounces of candy per guest will be needed. Special or designer candy should be limited to one or two pieces per guest. Fill the containers approximately 3/4 of the way.
  • Add decorations to the table to fill in empty places. Consider props, candles, flowers, fruit, or beads and confetti.
  • Allow your bulk candy supplier help you with your selection.
  • Don’t forget the scoops and tongs. You can substitute large spoons with ribbons, or even small plastic shovels if you find them in your color scheme
  • If you decide to order chocolate, pay attention to the storage instructions. Also, note the temperature as express shipping may be required in order to deliver it without fear of melting.
  • Add personal touches and beauty to the table with banners, table covers, and runners, backdrops, ribbons, balloons, or infant items
  • Provide goodie bags, boxes or cups for taking home candy.

Look around and ask your friends for their opinions (and supplies they will loan out). But get creative and use your imagination and make your candy buffet unique. There are no rules that cannot be adjusted.  The more unusual your candy buffet is, the better. If you would like to add other foods to the table, consider salty snacks like chips or pretzels for a complimenting flavor. You can do this! It is fun and easy. Just go for it and amaze your guests with a great and sweet experience.

Here are also the visual step-by-step instructions on how to put it all together:

Sweet Services perfect DIY candy buffet infographic – An infographic by the team at Sweet Services online candy store


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Vaccination Schedule – What we need to know


“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future” John F. Kennedy

To many parents out there this will sound like I am against vaccines, but I am not.  I am however, against the unbelievable amount of vaccines injected into our children before the age of 5.  If we took a minute and went through all of the ingredients that comprise these vaccines we would be absolutely shocked.  Many of these vaccines contain metals which interfere with brain cell development; that alone should be a huge concern, not only for parents, but for doctors as well.

As parents we are constantly worried about whether or not we are protecting our children or providing the best welfare for our children.  Many times we rely on the opinions of others or the scare tactics that surround us or our children’s doctors, we are supposed to trust our doctors.  At the end of the day the best thing we can do is be informed and make well-informed decisions for our children; they depend on us.  The following video is very informative.  It is the 1st video of a 7 video series.  Please watch it, and be on the lookout for the following 5.  It is extremely important to be informed, especially if you are a first time mother or father with questions about the vaccine schedule.

I know many parents are absolutely for vaccines and they rigidly follow the CDC schedule without question.  Or sometimes they do their research except that what is out there is only the half of the truth; the half the CDC wants us to see, the half that keeps every parent in fear, the half that convinces us we must vaccinate our children with an array of toxins before they are 5, before their brains are fully developed, before we allow their own bodies to immunize themselves against such things as allergies or common colds, ect.


The sad part is that most doctors are not well-informed either, they are just following rules; they are just programmed since medical school to just follow the book.  Which is why it is our duty as parents to do our research. Although money drives many paths in this country, for the most part “most doctors are good people who are just trying to help, but they are hamstrung by a broken system  which discourages questioning medical dogma and even encourages physicians to coerce patients into accepting medical procedures which they do not consent.” The Truth About Vaccines

From one parent to another, I ask you to please be informed, educate yourself in order to make the best decision for your child/ren – They are our future, we must protect them.

Kari Aragon

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3 Fun Things to do this Easter Weekend!


1. Egg Decorating: This is a must-do with kids. Egg decorating can keep your kids or nieces and nephews busy for a few hours. My daughter loves to decorate Easter Eggs, she absolutely loves painting and being creative. Not only is this a time for them to put their creativity to work, but it includes them in the Easter spirit even if it is not for religious reasons. If you are a stay at home parent you can get this project started on Friday, or on Saturday if you are a working parent, whatever is easier. You can certainly use this time to get other things done around the house or join in the decorating fun.

Links for Decorating Ideas:

Artful ParentThe SpruceHappy Hooligans

2. Egg Hunt/BBQ: No Church Sunday morning? No problem! You can start your morning with some Easter Egg Hunt fun. If you have a backyard, plan this Easter Egg Hunt in your own backyard, invite some guests and get the kids hunting. While the kids are playing and hunting their eggs, prep for a nice and simple BBQ for everyone to enjoy. This is a such a great way to spend time with friends and family! If you don’t have a backyard…you can do this hunt with your own kids inside the home or join an Easter Egg Hunt event around town. The Spruce (Egg hunt ideas)

Easter Egg Hunt Events in New Jersey

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3. Find an Easter Day Event in your town (or nearby): For those of you who prefer to get out of the house all together, this weekend is jammed packed with events in our area. You can join events like Breakfast with Easter Bunny, Easter Parades, Easter Festivals, Park Events and more. Check out this link for a list of tons of events going on in different New Jersey areas.

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Wishing you all a safe and Happy Easter!!