Raising highly grounded children

Raising highly grounded, intelligent, stable and conscious children I believe is what we as parents strive for on a daily basis.  Teaching them what is right and wrong, how to make good choices in life as they grow, ect., while still making sure they have their independence intact and a ‘good head on their shoulders’.

As the parent of a very active, smart, independent 3 year old girl, it is very important for us to keep our cool when she’s making us crazy.  While we still reprimand her when necessary it is also extremely important for us to provide a balanced upbringing in order so that she may continue to develop all of her positive attributes in a healthy environment.

As the adults in the house, as well as the core of making sure things are balanced, we must be in tune with ourselves, at peace, present, healthy and happy so that we can provide these same things to our child(ren).  As a person I am also striving to be better in every aspect of the word so that I can provide a better me to my little one.

Since children do as they see, we must do great so they see great and in turn do great as well.  I recently came across this YouTube video of Dr. Joe Dispenza – On Raising Inspired Children and I just think it is fabulous.  I couldn’t be happier than to share all of the great teachings this video has to offer.  I think it would be of great benefit to every parent to listen to it and take whatever works for you and your child(ren).

Take a look and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.




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