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Halloween Costumes to die for!

Having a Birthday that falls so closely to Halloween has led me to always having Costume themed birthday parties. It is so much fun getting to dress up, enjoy the holiday and your birthday celebration all at the same time! I have truly enjoyed Halloween since I can remember and have had my share of awesome costumes. As a lover of this holiday I definitely look forward to seeing my daughter enjoy it as much as I do. I can already see her following in our footsteps (my hubby loves Halloween too). Last year my little one was a little pirate…OMG she was the cutest little pirate ever! She was so good with her costume too. She kept the bandanna on the entire time we took her trick or treating and carried her little sword and she wasn’t even 1 and a half.


My Little Pirate Girl!

We have yet to pick the “perfect” costume for her this year. There are just so many creative and super cute baby/toddler/children costumes that it is so hard to pick just one. I love the creative parents who take the time to make some seriously awesome costumes….I wish I was that creative Hahahaha. Check out some of the adorable, super cute, super creative costumes I have come across while surfing the net! Hope you like them…maybe it’ll help you choose one for your little one if you haven’t yet. I’m sure this Halloween she will help us pick out another great costume for her.

My Favorite! 

IMG_9934 IMG_9937

These are some serious costumes!

IMG_9931 IMG_9933 IMG_9932

Love them!

IMG_9930 IMG_9927 IMG_9929

Cutie Patooties!! 

IMG_9926-0 IMG_9938 IMG_9924

What is/are your kid(s) going to be this year? Would love to hear what fun ideas you have in store.

To get direct links to these costumes and see more adorable picks, check out our pinterest page. 🙂