I am guilty of Co-Sleeping with my child: 10 Things I Love and hate about co-sleeping  

While some moms refuse to let their child co-sleep with them and believe it is against all good-parenting habits, I know other moms out there can relate and will understand every reason in this post.  I know I’m not alone.  I am not the first and I can assure you I won’t be the last mom who co-sleeps with their child. Co-sleeping with my child is absolutely a bitter-sweet experience which is why I have compiled my top ten reasons why I love and hate co-sleeping with her.


Why I love co-sleeping with my child:


  1. FIRST TIME MOM FEARS: As a first time mom I don’t think I slept more than 15 minutes at time at least for the first 3 months (until she was bigger and I felt more secure bringing her to the bed) In fear that I wouldn’t hear her crying if she needed me. So I would startle myself every 15 minutes like a crazy woman to check on her and make sure she was breathing.


  1. BREASTFEEDING MADE EASY: My daughter breastfed constantly so if I ever wanted to get just a little bit of rest, laying her right next to me in bed to feed was the only way she could get her feeding every 2 hours and mommy could get some eye-shutting time.   Initially, I did try getting up every 2 hours and getting her from her crib, feeding her for 20-30min, putting her down, and doing it all over again within 1 ½ – 2 hrs.  It was exhausting, especially since I had to get up and go to work in the morning. If I wanted to function at work, this was my best option.  Happy child, happy mom!


  1. KNOWING SHE’S SAFE RIGHT NEXT TO ME:When she was a baby I would prop her up on a firm pillow so that I could be slightly lower than her and I would put the little dividers that go by the torso so that she wouldn’t roll over.  With daddy on the other side, I knew she was nice and perfectly cozy.  I could open my eyes and check on her right then and there.


  1. GETTING HUGS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT:  Now that she’s older she loves to cuddle with mommy or daddy and gives us hugs or kisses in the middle of the night or to wake us up.  They are the best!


  1. SEEING HER BEAUTIFUL FACE AS SOON AS YOU WAKE UP: Seeing her tiny, gorgeous, peaceful little face right next to you as soon as you wake up totally makes my day.

Why I hate co-sleeping with my child:


  1. FEAR I WOULD CRUSH HER (WHEN SHE WAS A BABY) AND NOT SLEEPING NOW THAT SHE’S BIGGER: Although I made sure she was positioned in a way where she had her space and wouldn’t roll over and get crushed by us, there was still that little bit of fear that we could hurt her in any way, so I did put her in her crib most nights, even if I had to get up 3 or 4 times to put her back to sleep. Now that she’s bigger, although I love having her next to me, I can barely sleep through the night because she moves so much.


  1. MAKES IT REALLY HARD FOR THE HUBBY AND ME TO HAVE OUR ROMANTIC NIGHTS:  Love nights are essential for mommy and daddy, but making them happen is almost impossible. When you have accustomed your child to sleep with you it’s hard to get her to sleep in her own bed.  So on those miracle nights when she wants to be in her own bed, we definitely take advantage of the opportunity hahaha.


  1. GETTING KICKED IN FACE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT:No one likes to get kicked in the face while they are sleeping, but when you have a toddler sleeping next to you, you better be ready for it.


  1. BEING AWAKENED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT ASKING FOR WATER OR MILK:  Every night I have to hear “mommy I want ‘leche’ (milk)” or “mommy I want ‘agua’ (water). I have to get up and go get her leche or agua.  I have recently started to ignore her and tell her to go back to sleep.  We need to break these bad habits! Anyone else’s child ask for water in the middle of the night, every single night?


  1. FEAR OF HER NEVER WANTING HER OWN BEDROOM, EVER!:  We will be moving soon and she will have her own bedroom.  Because we have created this habit of co-sleeping, we are definitely afraid she won’t stay in her own bedroom. I will probably do a follow-up blog post on how this transition goes.  Wish us luck!


So there you have it, my love-hate relationship with co-sleeping with my child.  I know some moms out there have gone through the same situation or are going through it.  I want to hear your thoughts and ideas on how to make the transition into her own bedroom and bed a fun smooth one.




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One thought on “I am guilty of Co-Sleeping with my child: 10 Things I Love and hate about co-sleeping  

  1. I could have written every single word in your post myself… just add an 11-year-old and a dog who is afraid of the dark to the mix and you have our nights. 😉 For our tween we’ve limited to only co-sleeping on non-school nights (and sometimes we’re able to sneak the toddler into her crib without her waking up). Time flies though, and before we know it we’ll just be hubby and me again – and probably missing the family bed.

    As for advice, on school nights we’re strict with our son having to fall asleep in his own bed, but letting him know he can always come to us if he wakes up at night. That has worked since he was three – just knowing that he can come to us helps him fall asleep on his own (and most nights he hasn’t woken up until morning anyway).

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