The Filip watch has been a life saver for me, regarding my peace of mind. I got my son, Jaxson, Filip a couple of months ago when he began his new school. The Filip watch locator was invented by a father who lost his three year old son for 30 minutes at a shopping mall. After going through the agony of finding his toddler in what I imagined was a crowded, large mall, the father realized something needed to be invented to give parents peace of mind if they are to ever let their eyes off their children for just a few seconds.  He also wanted the device to give children the playing freedom they desire. If you are a parent you know how stressful it can be not knowing where your child is at any given moment.filip1

My Jaxson is hearing impaired due to unnecessary intervention and over-dosage by the medical doctors and staff of an antibiotic called Gentimicin when he was a newborn. That is a whole other article in its own and perhaps I will share that story in detail at a later date. Jaxson goes to a private school now.  It is an out of district pre-school for children that are deaf or hard of hearing. Honestly, they should just say “hard of hearing” in my opinion because the children either have regular hearing aids or have cochlear implants, hence they are all able to hear and this particular school is an oral/auditory school which I love.

To stay on topic, I just really want to express how helpful and useful Filip has been for me as Jaxson needs to travel far on the school bus to get to his new school and then gets dropped off at the after school program at the regular elementary school in town until I am able to pick him up after work.  He has a very long day with new drivers from time to time and obviously that can be very stressful to me.

The Filip watch is a smart locator and it is actually a phone at the same time but I mainly use it for its GPS purposes in order to locate Jaxson at any time. However, the watch has settings you can tailor to your liking. For instance, I have the watch set to text me as soon as Jaxson arrives at school, leaves school, arrives at the after school program, and leaves the after school program as sometimes his father may pick him up.  It is awesome!

Jax2 Jax1

I also have 5 emergency phone numbers programmed on his phone which are the only numbers that can call him and he can call. Yes, he can talk right through the watch. I am also able to send text messages to the phone. Perhaps when he is a little older and already able to read and write I’ll send him sweet reminders of how much I love him. If you’d like to know more details about the watch/phone you can go on their direct website at  Or go to the ATT&T website as it is currently sold through AT&T stores and services.


Just an added bonus story regarding Filip; Jaxson was picked up by yet another new driver on this particular morning, which was just very recently, perhaps only about a week ago. Anyway, he gets picked up and it was the driver’s first time doing this route and the aide on the bus was also new. I was a little nervous but trusted that they would get my son there safely and on time.

I get a text message from his teacher at almost 9 a.m. Jaxson usually arrives by 8:45 a.m. at the latest and when I got that text message from the teacher I panicked a little. I immediately used the GPS locator on my phone and it showed me their exact location which was right around the corner of the school. I assumed they may have just taken a wrong turn which caused them to be a few minutes late. As I’m in the middle of reaching out to the bus company to call the driver to find out where they are, I get my text notification from Filip informing me that they had just entered the school; before the person from the bus company whom I was on the phone with could come back on the line to assure me of the same information I had just received. It felt good to know that I am also on top of my child’s whereabouts and that at any given moment I can get an exact location and drive out there to find him if I need to. Again, it just gives me peace of mind and that’s a great feeling!

Written by Belmax De Jesus

4 thoughts on “FiLIP

  1. Very informative! Things are so dangerous these days, it’s good to know this device exists. I will share with my other mommy friends!!! Good article

  2. Bel…I briefly saw your post on FB, but did not open the link up to understand the full capabilities of Filip. Now, I saw your post on FB about this blog and finger sucking and had the time to click on it and check it out. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Filip and it’s capabilities. So awesome! As for the Blog, well done and thank you! You and your sisters are so incredibly talented and YES, like you…I have always believed you would be famous. Also, when he was born or when I got the baby shower invite (can’t remember if he was even born then) NB told me your son was named Jaxson. I said to myself, “Jaxson Blue”…with a name like that, he will no doubt be famous someday! With a momma like that..there’s no doubt! Keep up the great work, and if you ever need an extra momma post on your blog, let me know! Love to you, Karibel and the mission of your blog! xoxoxo

    • Thank you so much Deborah! We would love for you to submit a blog-post! You are such a great mother with so much wisdom to offer, so many people would benefit. ❤

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