Potty-Time Nightmare

My daughter is 2 months shy of turning 2 years old and has been poopy trained since before she turned 1 1/2 as well as partially peepee trained.  I say partially because she still wears diapers to go to bed and still has the occasional mishap if she can’t make it to the potty on time.  However, she always announces when she needs to go and barely wets the diaper.  We are so very proud of her and we are really looking forward to the day when she’s fully trained.

But, as you can tell by the title, there’s more going on than the wonderful accomplishment of this milestone. As much as I’d like to keep bragging about my daughter, potty time has recently become a nightmare.  Last week my daughter woke up and decided she no longer wanted to pee in the potty.  We found it odd that time would pass and she would not announce she needed to pee; only later realizing her diaper was soaked. My hubby and I would ask her every 30 minutes “do you need to go pee pee potty?” she would always reply “no, no pee pee potty.” We also took her to the potty even if she said she didn’t need to go.  We would do dances, sing made up potty songs and I would go
with her when I needed to go.  We also tried having her pee on the big potty and wearing just underwear throughout the day (but she would wet them).  Nothing was working and we were beginning to become frustrated and to lose hope.  Just the thought that she was almost completely off diapers and then one day she had a change of heart was so upsetting.

So, almost an entire week of this has passed and just a couple of days ago we decided to try something a tiny bit different.  We all know children love to mimic other children or their favorite characters. Well I had the brilliant idea to search for some videos of children or cartoons potty training.  So we found some and showed her real little
girls potty training as well as one of her favorite characters, Elmo. Elmo did the trick!  He just has the cutest potty training video ever.

You can see it here:

She is not fully back to her routine of always announcing when she needs to go, but she is not refusing to go to the potty. Now we ask her, “do you need to go pee pee potty, like Elmo?” she says “yea, pee pee potty Elmo, go go go.”  We just breathed a sigh of relief and we are looking forward to being fully on track with her potty training once again.

So far so good!

Written by: Karintia De Jesus

2 thoughts on “Potty-Time Nightmare

  1. Kids do love their tv friends! Glad to hear she’s getting back to potty training. Thanks for sharing, kari! I enjoyed this cute article!

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