Bumper Stickers – No No No!

I have always wanted to add those cute little stickers to the back of my car that show your family members (i.e mommy, daddy, baby, ect.).  However, I recently came across a post on Instagram from Cutekidsclub and it really made me think, this might not be such a great idea after all.  Although they look super cute (in my opinion), the dangers that can come from letting everyone know what your family looks like  through those stickers should be considered before making the decision to do so.  Such bumper stickers may just be giving way more information than necessary, especially to the wrong people.  It never dawned on me to think about the amount of information you could be giving away from those simple stickers.  Take a look at the post from Cutekidsclub.  Makes you think, right?


So, as a safety precaution, think twice before placing those bumper stickers; you certainly do not want to be giving too much information to the wrong person.

Written by: Karintia De Jesus


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